Thursday, February 18, 2010

Filmmaker's Log-Scene One.

Six weeks have passed since I began my Media Arts studies at the UA.

Thus far, I have to say, I am beyond glad I made the decision to pursue this major. The classes are VERY competently taught. Both of my professors in this area are super-smart, funny, and clearly love the material. Compared to many of the experiences I had in the Political Science department, it's a night and day kind of contrast. I literally often stop in the middle of class and just kind of shake my head. I'm...studying this? Like, in school? How can this be? Aren't I enjoying myself too much?

That's not to say it hasn't been hard work. It has. There's a lot of people in there that are pretty damned sharp themselves, and you can feel this definite undercurrent of competitive fire running through the other students. They're burning to succeed, just as I am. Given that I'm studying something I am so passionate about now, I really feel pushed to succeed. Not pressure, mind you...but compelled. It's different. I'm adrift in an ocean of infinite possibilities now, held back only by my imagination, skills, raw talent, and how hard I'm willing to work. It's terrifying and electrifying all in one shot. Sometimes getting to sleep is really difficult, especially if I've been writing just before bed. Late at night is really my time to do this sort of thing though.

The UA student film club begins work in earnest this week, having decided on a pet project and assigning positions this week. I'm still not quite sure what position I'm going to try and nail down. At the moment, I'm just chomping at the bit to get some experience doing anything on a shoot so I can begin to wrap my head around what's possible at this level. That doesn't mean I can't write my own shit at night though. Things are going to change very quickly, as I really can say, for the first time, EVER...I am doing what I was put on Earth to do.

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